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Wedding Photography Styles – Choose your look.

Wedding Photography Styles - What is a LUT?

Professional photography in its purest form is dictated by many different things that influence how a shot looks. Time of day or the direction of sunlight and cloud cover, and of course camera settings all influence a look or feel of a photo.

So how do professional photographers achieve those special looks that can bring romance, mood or drama to a photo?

Well depending on the software that the image editor uses they can have a choice of what are called LUTs or (Look Up Tables).

These LUTs control certain settings in the software that can adjust specific colours, saturation, exposure and contrast of an image.

And there are hundreds of different LUTs to choose from. But they can be divided into certain categories to make them easier to choose.

Wedding photography LUTs are very popular with professional image editors. They can really bring a moment to life or influence how the viewer is meant to feel when looking at an image.

I have a few LUTs which are my favorites but if you have a look in mind I can generally match it to a degree.

If you look below you can see my favorite LUTs that I like to use in my wedding photography. Please bare in mind that colours on different PC monitors and smartphones can vary dramatically.

Classic & Clean

Rustic Tone

Elegance Cool



Creamy Blush

Daylight Soft


B&W & Soft

Creamy Mint

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