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Most asked Wedding Videography Questions

How long have you been filming Weddings?

I've been filming weddings since 2006. My background is in Graphic Design and Photography. I've been self employed since 1998. Up til 2020 I've been the Wedding Videographer at over 370 weddings for some fantastic couples.

How long will my Wedding Video be?

Your Wedding Video duration will depend on how long the Ceremony and the Speeches last. Some ceremonies can last an hour and speeches could be 10 minutes or an hour and a half! But on average a Silver package is usually about one hour twenty minutes and the whole day gold package around one too two hours in time. The musical montages range between four and seven minutes in length.

Do you travel outside of the West Midlands?

Yes - I've travelled as far as Cambridgeshire, Oxfordshire, Shrewsbury and Leeds to film Wedding Videography. Please note though that I may have to charge mileage or even for overnight accommodation if your venue is a long way from my home in Dudley.

Do you film asian weddings?

Yes - I've filmed many types of weddings over the years as a Wedding Videographer. I've filmed Hindu, Sihk, Muslim, Chinese and Egyptian Weddings as well as traditional English weddings. I once filmed a cross cultural wedding at Blenheim Palace.

Do you film same sex weddings?

Yes - I've been the Wedding Videographer for many same sex weddings over the years.

Do you just offer the packages listed on your website?

Well - the packages can be altered. You could for instance book the Silver package but also bolt on the Brides morning preparations. Or add the evening party montage. I try to cater for all types of weddings and sometimes the day is a little different but I can quote for a bespoke wedding video package.

When will I receive my finished Wedding Video?

I try to complete the Wedding Video Editing within four weeks of receiving your music choices. Some people take a long time to choose their music but it's rare this happens. After the wedding day I will send you an email requesting your music choices for the various musical montages from your day. You can choose any type of music as you will be watching it in the privacy of your own home. However I don't take any legal responsibiliy if you post a montage on social media that uses copyrighted tracks. You may fall foul of the law.

Do you film and edit Weddings yourself or do you send out freelancers?

I never send out freelancers unless I'm unable to attend due to ill health. If you book me you will get me! I also video edit the Wedding Videography footage myself using Adobe Premiere Pro.

Do you require food on the day?

Of course it's not obligatory to provide food for your suppliers but if I'm there for the whole day I do tend to ask the couple to provide a meal and a drink for myself during the wedding breakfast. You wouldn't want me feinting into your guest's laps during the speeches!

How do we Book you to be our Wedding Videographer?

Booking me is simple. Once you confirm the booking via email, text or phone call I will email you a booking form as a word document or pdf file. This also contains my terms and conditions regarding the booking. Once you have completed the booking form it needs to be returned to me. Many couples do this by printing it out, signing it and photographing it on a smart phone. Then they email it back to me. A 50% booking fee is payable to confirm the booking. You will receive a receipt for this payment. Online banking or cheque payments are my preferred methods of receiving funds. Approximately 28 days before your wedding day the balance will be due. Again you will receive a receipt of payment. I will then call you around four days before the wedding so we can go over some details and timings about your fabulous wedding day video.

What makes you different to other Wedding Videographers?

That's a great question. But the answer isn't a simple "I'm just the best Wedding Videographer there is!" There are lots of Wedding Videographers in the UK. All providing a fantastic Videography service. I believe my twenty year background as a self-employed Graphic Designer, Corporate Film Producer and Photographer has given me a fantastic, self-driven and concentious work ethic. The ability to listen to a clients needs, yet deliver premium quality Wedding Videos at an affordable price. On the day of your Wedding I work hard to make sure I get those vitally important shots. I don't direct anyone on the day unless absolutely necessary. Being unobtrusive is a major part of my work ethic. Yet I'm quite happy to interact with you and your guests. Putting thought into where I position cameras. Do I need to move slightly for a better angle? Am I blocking peoples view of the speeches? Is the sound recording as good as it can be given the circumstances? What is the best camera or lens to use at given points throughout the day. The cameras use dual recording technology incase of any failure of the SD or Compact Flash drives used to record in camera. I video edit all the footage myself on a modern professional edit suite. RAID drives store all the footage which gives a mirrored backup of all the files. During the video editing I colour correct footage and balance audio levels to industry standards. And employ a bit of creative wizardry to make the montages entertaining and emotive. I have filmed over 360 weddings to date and the experience gained since 2006 really shows in the way I work. And also how I deal with people. I've produced Wedding Videos for very wealthy people as well as normal folk getting hitched. Creative fiming and editing is a passion - not a job when you enjoy what you do for a living. So, to sum up I provide value for money, premium quality wedding videos. With a professional yet friendly and reliable customer service right from the word go.