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As a Wedding Videographer, I create cinematic style videography. My packages contain musical montages such as the Brides Preparations, Arrivals, Photo Call and Evening Party. I also cover the Ceremony, Speeches, Cake Cutting, and First Dance parts of the day in full. So you don't miss out on these important sections of your wedding day. You choose your own music for each montage and ambient sound is on the larger sections.

You'll receive a creatively filmed and edited video. Supplied on DVD* and USB Drive (HD footage on USB) that contains so many memories of yourselves, family, and your friends enjoying your day.​

What's my style of filming?​

My background in design as a graphic designer, video producer and photographer is reflected in my style of wedding filming. I focus on people, details and events of the day rather than staged or directed cinematography. I don't do cheesy voiceovers, slow motion, and flashy editing with lots of special effects. I produce well filmed and stylishly edited footage that captures the day and tells a story of its own.


I don't direct anyone on the day and try to remain as discreet as possible. I think the best wedding videographers show realistic scenes. People will remember and connect with these images emotionally. I use either hard cuts or soft dissolve transitions timed to music that you choose. Occasionally, I may add a more creative transition but this will be driven by the footage and feel of the film to the music.

How long do my videos last?​

On average a Gold Package will last about two hours. A Silver Package is usually around one hour twenty minutes in time. But it all depends on how long the ceremony and speeches last. The musical montages are each between four and seven minutes in length and these are the Brides Preps, Arrivals, Photo Call and Evening Party.

Which Cameras do I use?

My wedding filming is created using a variety of broadcast-quality video cameras. I record in HD onto Solid State Drives as well as onto internal cards inside the cameras at the same time. So no footage will be lost due to hard drive failure. I also use professional shotgun microphones and radio mics where appropriate.

I film most of the day using the camera on a tripod. This means no shaky footage and all shots are focused properly. I also use a professional gimbal during certain parts of the day if the opportunity arises.

The ceremony, speeches, and the first dance are filmed using two cameras when possible for a variety of angles. I do try to be as discreet as possible. As when you're getting hitched you don't want a video cameraman in your face.

Do I edit the footage myself?

As well as being a fully experienced Wedding Videographer in the Midlands, I also edit all the footage myself on a modern, professional edit suite. Up to date, I've produced over 360 weddings and I love making wedding films.

Rowton Castle, Shropshire

How long have I been a Wedding Videographer?

I started filming weddings in 2006 for a videography company in Solihull. Soon after that though I decided to get more involved and decided to create my own professional Midlands Wedding Video Company. I provide filming right through to editing and delivery of wedding videos. I'm unobtrusive and offer great finished film packages.

I've been self-employed since 1998 as a Graphic Designer and Photographer. Making the move into filming and editing was a natural choice for me to grow my business. This really feeds my creative nature. I also film and video edit for businesses and have worked in Holland and Belgium. Capturing Photography as well as Videography.

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For more information you can call me –  Brian Wheatley on 07887 655728 or email brian@mmmtv.co.uk

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