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Design to Video to Wedding Photography

Having been filming weddings since 2006 I've worked alongside many Wedding Photographers in Dudley, Birmingham and across the West Midlands.

I've always had a passion for creating things and my background in Graphic Design within the Advertising Industry has put me in good stead with being able to recognise and produce great work that suits a brief or situation.

Bride looking out of wedding car window.
Bride Carol arrives at the Church

As part of my time at Art College, I had some training and experience with traditional photography. In those days it was all film and chemicals and rather a long process to develop and create even the simplest of photographs. So I decided my calling was as a Graphic Designer - a career which has seen me produce work for uncounted projects and clients over the years. And in 1998 I went Freelance and my career has developed into a small business which offers design, artwork, video production and of course photography.

In 2006 I started filming and editing wedding videos. This was mainly to help me improve my live camera skills but very quickly it became an integral part of my business.

But lurking in the background has always been the photographer within me. A skill that I use on conferences and events and other projects.

Over the years I've slowly developed my equipment for both Video Production and Photography. There's a cross-over point where certain video cameras work well with certain photographic lenses. This also applies to photographic cameras as many now both offer video recording as well as still images. With the modern techniques and cameras now available it is possible to work in a hybrid fashion and produce video and photographs to a very professional standard.

This is great news for creatives working within the wedding industry. And the reason that I have now also moved into wedding photography alongside my video production service.

I know weddings inside out having filmed over 400 since 2006 and have worked with some great midlands wedding photographers. So my becoming a full-blown professional wedding photographer is in my mind a natural progression of my career.


Bride and groom walking through trees on their wedding day.
Bride and Groom Wedding Photoshoot.

There are of course a few practical differences between video and photography. With video, you have to deal with sound. And that's not an easy task sometimes. Modern microphones come in all shapes and sizes and can perform different functions. So you have to be aware of what your location is like and what mic will work best.

But you still have the visual aspect to think of which is similar to photography. A wedding photographer has to have a good eye for composition, lighting and emotion. Great creative imagery doesn't just happen. Sometimes it needs a little help or direction from a keen eye.

Being able to pose a bride or married couple for a portrait takes skill and an understanding of the effects of light, location and the human form.

bride and groom's confetti throw photo.
Jade and Jonathan confetti shot

A modern wedding photographer has to be able to organise and think on their feet. Positioning big groups of people can be difficult but again it's all part of the job and not for the faint-hearted. You could of course not offer posed shots and only offer a documentary style of photography. But I do like a good pose and many people expect those family group shots even in this day and age.

Then when the day is done the photos have to be edited. This process involves going through several thousand images and picking out the best. I choose the images that say something to me - that have meaning and a proper place in the day's memories.

My background in graphic design means I know software. And I tend to use the Creative Suite by Adobe to produce my work. Editing photos in Photoshop and Lightroom is a vital part of the production process and keeping up with software updates and editing techniques makes my business stronger and more able to cope with all kinds of images.

If you're interested in finding out more about The Muti Media Market Wedding Videography and Photography and how I would film or photograph your wedding day please visit or give me a call on 07887 655728 for a friendly chat.

You can see more of my photographic work on my website page along with my galleries here

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