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Wedding Videographer at The West Mill, Derbyshire.

On the beautiful sunny day of March 20th 2020, Kierran, looking incredibly sharp, made his way to St. Matthews Church in Darley Abbey, Derbyshire. I had the privilege of being their Wedding Videographer for their special day. This wedding held a unique quality as the couple had been granted permission to have a church ceremony amidst the ongoing coronavirus situation, but with a limited number of close family members present.

I arrived ahead of time to explore the church and also visited The West Mill nearby, where a second brief ceremony would take place on the top floor, allowing more guests to join in the celebration.

After introducing myself as the day's wedding videographer to some of the staff at The West Mill, I returned to the church to capture the stunning exterior of this magnificent place of worship.

Kierran arrived with his family and best man, and together we eagerly awaited the arrival of the vicar and, eventually, Olivia.

Finally, Olivia made a stylish entrance, accompanied by her bridesmaids and father, in two elegant white wedding cars.

After the official ceremony, we all headed over to The West Mill, where songs filled the air and a few heartfelt readings took place.

The sun continued to shine, providing the perfect opportunity for the couple to venture outdoors with the photographer and myself for group and family shots, as well as capturing some intimate moments between the newlyweds on video.

The speeches were a resounding success, and I was entrusted with capturing the festivities of the evening party, which was filled with joy and merriment.

My heartfelt congratulations go out to Kierran and Olivia, and I extend my warmest wishes to them for a future filled with love and happiness!



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