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Looking for a Photographer?

I've worked alongside many different wedding photographers since 2006 when I started filming weddings and I instantly recognise when I'm working with true professionals who really do care about their work and producing amazing shots for a wedding couple.

As professional people on the day both the videographer and photographer have to get on and respect each other's needs. That includes understanding where each will need to stand during certain parts of the day so that no conflict is created or shots spoilt or missed.

That's why I only recommend a certain few who consistently produce beautiful work and who I get on with really well.

So here they are...

I've known Pete a few years now after meeting him on a wedding. He is an excellent photographer and we've worked together as a team on many weddings.

Jane has a studio in Stourbridge and I occupied some office space there with her for a few years so I've seen her work on weddings and on posed studio shots. We work extremely well together and understand each others style and needs on the day.

Again I've known Adam for several years and he's a full-time wedding photographer and really knows his stuff!

All these photographers are a pleasure to work with and really know how to motivate wedding guests so that they get great photos for a wedding album. So if you're still looking for a photographer to compliment your wedding videographer why not give them a call?



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