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Rowton Castle – Emma & David's Wedding – 1st June 2019

It's Saturday the 1st of June. And today I'm filming the lovely Emma and David's wedding at Rowton Castle in Shrewsbury, Staffordshire.

I'm up at 6.30am and out the door at 8am to arrive at 9am to start filming Emma and her bridesmaids hair and make-up sessions.

The weather is perfect. No sign of rain but also not overly sunny so no worries about people squinting in harsh sunlight for the photos or wedding videos. Also the wedding is happening outside in the castle grounds which are, quite simply – amazing!

After spending some time with the girls, I popped over to see David and his best men for a few shots of them getting ready before filming the outside of the castle as the guests arrived.

Then back to see Emma to video her in her gorgeous wedding dress.

The wedding was to take place at 2pm so I had plenty of time to get some amazing shots of the castle and the guests as they arrived to help the couple celebrate their day.

Emma and David exchanging rings
Emma and David exchanging rings

The wedding took place without a hitch and was photographed by Si Medlicott I always get on well with photographers as I don't direct anybody on the day. I just let the photographer get on and do their thing and film what I feel appropriate or important for each section of the day.

After filming the group shots we took the couple away around the castle grounds for some stunning photographs and video footage for their album.

The speeches were delivered excellently and I must say that the venue oozes a high level of experience and organisation from the staff who were spot on throughout the day.

After a few hours rest it was back to work filming the cake cutting, first dance and into the evening for the party montage video section.

I like using the Canon C100 Mk II with some fast L series lenses for evening wedding videography as it performs so well in dark environments. Also I've recently started using a Moza Air 2 handheld gimbal for dynamic motion shots. Perfect for wrapping around the wedding cake or smooth movement footage.

I left around 10.20pm confident that I'd got some great footage from a simply fabulous wedding.

Congratulations to Emma and David! You can find out more about this Staffordshire Wedding Videographer here.



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