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To the Rescue! Proof that backups work!

In 2007 I had the pleasure of filming the wedding of Simon and Sarah Lancaster at The Stone Manor in Kidderminster.

In those days I used to split the footage across two dvds so when Sarah recently came to re-watch her wedding dvd she was horrified to find that the second dvd had been misplaced - if not lost!

So she contacted me to see if I could rescue the situation. And as I always keep not only a master copy of all the weddings that I film but also the image data file used to created the dvd. This is also backed up on a recovery drive. So it was a simple case of accessing my Diskcataloguemaker software and searching for their names. So within an hour of her email I was able to tell her that I'd found the original data. I was able to recreate her dvd packs along with the cover artwork for the dvds and box wrapper.

She was so pleased she requested two copies of the full pack. One of which was for her brother to keep. So whoever you choose to film your special day make sure that they have a robust disaster backup procedure - just incase! This scenario certainly shows proof that backups work!

Sarah and Simons wedding dvd got lost
Midlands Videographer recovers Sarah and Simon's Wedding DVD



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