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Wedding Videos on DVD a thing of the past?

So you can see a vast array of wedding filming companies. Different packages and services with prices that can confuse and befuddle the best of us.

But you may have noticed that a lot of companies aren't offering wedding videos on DVD anymore. Why is this?

Well it comes down to software and the manufacturers of computers and how they drive the video editing industry down certain paths.

When I started wedding filming in 2006 there were two main pieces of dvd creation software to choose from on a Mac – DVD Studio Pro which was part of the Apple Final Cut Pro suite and Adobe Encore.

As the companies software and hardware developed over time Apple and Adobe ceased offering both of these DVD creation tools. As they believe that DVD and even Blu-Ray is a thing of the past – or soon will be with the advent of films and programmes being delivered via the net.

But I still consistently get asked for weddings to be delivered on DVD. Clients like the menu driven system. They like the easy way you can just pop a DVD into a player and away you go. Not everyone is ready or geared up for watching HD footage on a Smart TV via a USB stick. Words such as mpeg-4 mean nothing to a generation who have lived with box sets on DVD.

Now don't get me wrong - USB mpeg-4 is a fantastic way to view a wedding video in HD but there are drawbacks. Most companies will give you a 20-30 minute movie on a USB stick. It's a self contained programme encompassing a highly edited down version of a wedding day.

But - I still like to split the day up into sections. Musical montages of the brides preparations, arrivals, photo call and evening party. The whole of the ceremony from start to finish and the speeches without anything missed out. And you can still have it on USB stick and DVD /Blu-Ray as I have found a way round the restrictions of the failure of the manufacturers to support DVD and Blu-Ray creation.

So when you look into the possibility of having your wedding day filmed and maybe sharing your recording with friends and family, don't forget that some people still prefer a DVD over a memory stick or online video.

That's why if you were to book me to film your big day in HD delivered on USB you'll also get two copies of it on DVD.



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